Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Let's start at the beginning

I decided to start writing this about an hour and a half ago, as I was at Safeco Field before the Mariners-Yankees game. The Mariners were in the middle of an 11-game losing streak, and the press had beaten them up pretty good.

Jamie Moyer had been traded a couple days earlier, and fans were pretty upset about it. I'll put some thoughts down on that in a little while.

Those around me are frustrated, angry, befuddled, and more about the play of the Mariners. And to be honest, so am I.

But I figured that if someone can write negative things about the team, I can write positive things. I haven't cancelled my tickets, I haven't stopped watching on TV and listening on the radio, and frankly, I still love the Mariners and baseball in general.

And I think this team is getting better. I look forward to the upcoming seasons of Mariners baseball. And hopefully through this blog, you will too.


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