Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Moyer Trade

I promised you that I'd make a post about this - and since it's fresh in my mind, I might as well.

While I'm not dancing in the streets about Jamie Moyer being traded, I think that overall it's a great move for the Mariners. Here's why:

1) No matter what Moyer might have done for the team this year, it wouldn't have mattered in the big picture.

2) One of the nicest and classiest guys in baseball gets a chance to pitch for a team where it matters. I really don't care who wins the World Series this year, but as of now, I'm pulling for the Phillies.

3) The Mariners get two young arms - I'm not going to delve into stats and whatnot to try and convince you that these guys are sure things to make it to the major leagues. But I will say that it adds more options and possibilities to the mix, which overall is a good thing. And while they might never make it to Safeco Field, they might help us get a player that will have be on the big league roster -- maybe we'll get some other team's Jamie Moyer.

4) We can still go out and try and get him next year if it makes sense for the club. I'm not saying we will or that we should - but the option is out there. And if Moyer ends up staying with the Phillies, at least we won't have to face him more than once next year, if we get the Phillies in interleague play.

5) We get to see some younger pitchers like Cha Seung Beck - who pitched well tonight against the Yankees - which will make us that much better informed going into the offseason.

So don't look at it as a bad thing -- look at it as an opportunity, a seed planted that we eagerly await to sprout.

Go Mariners!


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