Friday, August 25, 2006

The Yankee Series

What a great series -- sure game 2 wasn't great, but who wouldn't take 2 out of 3 from the Yankees any day of the week?

It's great to see Safeco Field full of people -- even if there were too many Yankee fans there. Both games 1 and 3 were outstanding on so many levels. If you didn't have a great time at either of those two games, you seriously might want to question your love of baseball.

I think game 3 was particularly interesting because we won without Adrian Beltre and Raul Ibanez in the lineup, and without Sexson at first. I'm not going to say we should run that lineup out there everyday, but I bet there were a number of people who didn't think we would stand a chance without those two in the lineup, regardless of the fact that we were facing Randy Johnson, who I must say pitched a great game from the fourth inning on.

Washburn really ran the show tonight, and the bullpen did their job. Good show tonight guys -- good show!

I also am beginning to get more convinced that Ichiro should be in centerfield. If absolutely nothing less, it gives the Mariners more options in the free agent market this offseason. The reality is that he has been here for 6 years now, and we haven't made it past the ALCS. He wants to win as much as anybody, and I think moving him to CF makes the most sense to help the Mariners win. He's a great right fielder -- but I think he can cover center well enough to give us the option of shopping for corner outfielders.

Great catch by Ichiro in center tonight -- and a great pickoff of Robinson Cano by Johjima in the fourth. After the Seattle Times ripped his defense the other week, that play seemed to vindicate him a bit. Not that I consider the Yankees a great base stealing team, but they were sure conservative on the basepaths in the two games I was there for.

We've got to keep the energy up for the Red Sox series this weekend -- there are still tickets available M's fans -- so get out there!

Go Mariners!


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